Lump Sum Benefit

Maximum Limit

(Up to a total $10,000 per Insured per Accident)

Incapacity benefit for an insured under 18 in full-time study or at pre-school unable to attend school as a result of Injury $25 per school day lost, maximum $500 per Accident
Domestic Care Allowance if confined to own home as a result of Injury for more than 3 consecutive days $25 per day, $500 per Accident
Loss or Damage to Teeth:*
a)  Permanent or Second Teeth (not being dentures or dental fittings):  
(i)  Loss of teeth $250 per tooth
(ii) Full capping of damaged teeth $250 per tooth
(iii) Partial capping or repair of damaged teeth $100 per Accident
b) Milk or First Teeth – limited to $35 per Accident limited to $35 per Accident
* This benefit is limited to $1,000 per Accident
Loss of Testicle $1,000 per Testicle
Breaks or Fractures or Dislocations to:
·  Finger or Thumb or Toe $100
·  Hand (not finger or thumb) $200
·  Foot (not toe or ankle) $200
·  Arm (including elbow) or Wrist $500
·  Leg or Ankle or Knee $500
·  Collarbone or Shoulder blade $200
·  Breastbone/Sternum $300
·  Rib or Ribs $200 (total amount payable, regardless of number of ribs)
·  Shoulder $300
·  Facial Bone or Bones (other than Jaw) $300 (total amount payable, regardless of number of facial bones, excluding the jaw, broken)
·  Hip $750
·  Jaw $500
·  Neck $1,000
·  Pelvis $1,000
·  Skull or Spine $1,000
Third Degree Burns and/or Disfigurement covering more than 50% of the entire external body $5,000 per Accident
Amputation or Total and Permanent Loss of Use*
·  Foot $7,500
·  Hand $7,500
·  Leg $7,500
·  Arm $7,500
·  Eye $7,500
·  Ear/Hearing $7,500
* This benefit is limited to $10,000 per Accident
Total and Permanent Disablement $10,000 per Accident
Death $10,000 (maximum benefit payable)
Disappearance benefit after sinking or wrecking of conveyance $10,000 (maximum benefit payable)

This table is a guide only. For more information on what is covered and what is not covered and any limits and excesses that apply, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.