Landlord Insurance Cover BenefitsCoverDetails
Cover for insured events   Refer to PDS for full list of insured events covered by Landlord Insurance.
Contents in the open air at the risk address

Up to $200

Cover for contents when they are in the open air at your risk address if you have contents cover. See PDS for cover limits.
Continuation of cover when you are selling your buildings   If, at the time of loss or damage to your buildings covered under this policy, a contract for the sale of your buildings has been entered into and this policy is current, we will cover you for loss or damage to your buildings up to your buildings sum insured. Applicable only for buildings cover. See PDS.
Environmental benefits

Up to $5,000

If your building has been totally destroyed and we have agreed to rebuild, we will pay the cost to install any combination of environmental benefits, such as a rainwater tank, solar powered system or grey water recycling system. See PDS for list of items covered.
Fusion   Your electrical motors will be covered if they are damaged by an electric current. See PDS for limits.
Landlord's contents

Up to $10,000

Only available with buildings cover. Cover for contents owned by the landlord, including furniture or furnishings (other than electrical), fixtures or fittings, or carpets, loose floor coverings, curtains and internal blinds.
Legal liability   You are covered in the event that, as owner of the buildings, you are held legally liable for personal injury or property damage.
Mortgage discharge costs

Up to $2,000

In the case of total destruction of buildings, we will reimburse your reasonable legal costs for the discharge and replacement of your mortgage(s), including legal fees and statutory government charges. Applicable only for buildings cover.
Reinstatement of sum insured after a loss   If your sum insured or limit of liability is reduced because of any claim for loss, damage or liability, which we have settled, we will automatically reinstate your sum insured or limit of liability from the date of the loss.
Insured for events such as fire, theft, storm and more   If your property is damaged or destroyed by an insured event, you will be covered for up to 10% of your sum insured for the removal of debris. If we have agreed to pay your buildings' claim, we will also pay for professional rebuilding fees and the extra costs of complying with building regulations.
Rental costs after an insured event Up to 12 months If your tenant cannot live in your investment property as the result of an insured event, we will pay your loss of rent for up to 12 months.
Replacement of locks or cylinders Up to $500 If the key for the lock of any external door or window at your address is stolen, or there are reasonable grounds to believe they have been duplicated, we will pay for the replacement of the lock(s) or cylinder(s) operated by the key(s).
Additional Cover Options:  
Rent Default and Theft by Tenant Up to $10,000 / 15 weeks (rent default limit) Rent default covers loss of rent due to default on payment by tenant, departure of tenant from the building without notice, death of sole tenant and tenant hardship. Theft by tenant covers loss or damage to your building or contents caused by theft, burglary or housebreaking committed by your tenant or guests of tenant. Also covers related legal expenses up to $3,000. See PDS for full description of cover.
Landlord Workers' Compensation   Covers you if you employ someone to do work around your rental and they are injured while working for you. Only available in some states or territories.

This table is a guide only. For more information on what is covered and what is not covered and any limits and excesses that apply, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.