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Updating your details

There are many reasons you may need to update your personal or policy information with us, including a change to your address or contact details or amendments to your insured property, such as renovations which increase the sum insured.

You may also want to update your bank details with us if you pay monthly, or change from annual to monthly payments.

For anything you need to change, we've made it quick and easy with no paperwork required. One quick call to us is all it takes and we can update your details over the phone.

Before you call, please have the following information ready:

Your policy details:

  • Your current name and address on your policy, and
  • Your registration details, if calling about a Motor Vehicle policy.

Renewing your policy

Before a policy expires we will normally send a renewal invitation advising the amount payable to renew the policy.

It is important that you check the information shown before renewing each year to ensure that details are correct.

If you have any queries regarding your insurance, including renewal, simply give us a call.

Please note: Travel insurance is not available for renewal.

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