Travelling Around Australia in a Caravan: Can You Do It?

Travelling is a popular pursuit at any age. For some, a cruise is at the top of their list. For others, it’s all about seeing the outback in a caravan or camper trailer. If this is your dream too, you’ll be joining hundreds of Australian families who own a recreational vehicle.

According to the RV Consumer Report 2018, 1 in 13 households in Australia has a recreational vehicle registered. If you’re indulging in the thought of buying a caravan for the purpose of enjoying life on the road with family, there’s a few things you’ll need to consider before you take it up - whether for a holiday or a permanent way of life. Budget and models aside, you’ll need to determine whether you’re up to the challenge of living in a confined space, with family, around the clock.

How to tell if you’re ready to travel Australia in a caravan

Not everyone is suited to life on the road. If you’re serious about travelling around Australia in a caravan, put these thoughts into consideration before you take the leap. Answering truthfully now could save you many troubles down the track.

Here’s just a few ways to tell if you’ll be able to travel around Australia in a caravan with your family.

You’re happy to live a minimalist life

Just like any type of travelling – whether overseas in Europe with just a suitcase or backpacking through Central Asia – it’s all about living lightly. While you don’t necessarily need to cull all your possessions, you will need to separate your ‘must haves’ from your ‘nice to haves’. This means you’ll only need a small amount of cutlery, cooking utensils and other kitchenware. It’s also a good idea to pack comfortable sneakers or shoes that can take you anywhere.

You’re well-organised

Following on from the last point, since you can’t carry everything in your caravan, you’ll have to plan your packing – and storage – extra carefully. With limited space, you’ll need to find a home for all your possessions, and consider the importance of being able to locate what you need straight away. More often than not, it may end up feeling like a game of Tetris. By compiling a list of things you’ll need while on the road, you’ll be better prepared for anything that comes your way. We don’t need to remind you that if you’re heading rural and you forget an essential item, there’s a slim chance you’ll find it without going back into town.

You get on well with one another

It’s only natural to have a few reservations about setting off in a caravan with your family, no matter how much you love them. Enjoying each other’s company for 24 hours a day, seven days a week can be overwhelming. Finding ways to keep entertained can also be challenging. What’s important to remember is that should any arguments break out, reconciliation should be priority. Talking through any conflicts in a calm manner will ensure a happy and comfortable trip for all.

You are adventurous

This is perhaps the most important point, as you’ll all have to want to get the same things out of the trip. If you all love visiting new places, discovering the history of a town, and leaving behind the big smoke – even for a few weeks – then the trip will be that much more enjoyable.

You’re adaptable and self-sufficient

The ever-changing scenery and environment can also be a challenge in itself. If one of your kids gets sick or you fall ill, you’ll need to adapt to the situation as the nearest doctor might be a few towns away. But that’s not all: you may even need to be able to fix your caravan should it get a flat tyre. Having resilience means these changes may be easier to handle if and when they arise.

You’re not afraid of confined spaces

There’s no doubt about it: living in a caravan can get cramped. Even if you invest in one of the luxury models, the reality is, you’re still encased in a vehicle with your family while travelling hundreds of kilometres a day. While you can always park at a rest area and stretch your legs outside, you may need to cover a lot of ground in a day if you have a destination in mind, so regular pit stops may not always be appropriate.


Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Don’t forget caravan insurance

You may be mentally and physically prepared to take on the great sights of Australia, but are you covered for all of life’s adventures that will come your way? Making the decision to buy a caravan and travel around Australia can be exciting but don’t forget about protecting your new asset.

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