Top tips for a safe road trip

Heading off on a road trip soon? Here are a few easy things you can do to ensure it's a safe and comfortable one for you and your passengers.


Get your car road-trip ready: Has your car been serviced recently? If not, are there any recent problems that could potentially arise on the road? If so, consider scheduling in a service and safety check before you go. Also, a few days before you head off, give your car a basic once over. Check your indicators, lights, the air pressure and tread on your tyres and that your lubricant, oil and fluid levels are topped up.


Take out roadside assistance: It's always good to know that help is just a phone call away if you should run into any car troubles during your travels. Roadside assistance is an easy way to ensure you have that peace of mind when you travel. 


Pack for a comfortable ride: Bringing a few essentials along can make the difference between a drive that is comfortable and one that's potentially not. Pack tissues, bottles of water, some snacks, a first aid kit, sunglasses and some of your favourite music, audio books or podcasts to entertain you while you drive.


Do some research: Whether you're looking to get to your destination quickly or would prefer a more scenic journey with a few stopovers factored in along the way, explore the different routes you can take and tailor your drive to best suit your needs. Either way, be sure to factor in enough time to get there and stay informed of traffic and weather conditions before and during your journey.


Be well rested: Feeling rested is essential to a safe drive. So head to bed early the night before you leave and make sure you're feeling fit to drive the day of your departure. Avoid driving during hours you usually sleep and share the driving with travel companions, when possible. Never drive if you're feeling tired or fatigued. Take advantage of rest stops along the way, ideally stopping every two hours.


Follow the road rules: The easiest way to stay safe is to follow the road rules. Make sure you and any passengers in your vehicle are buckled in, you're driving within the speed limit and you're not on the phone.


Share your plans: It's a good idea to let friends and family know where you're going and how long you'll be away. Share your itinerary and contact details so your loved ones know where to reach you, should they need to.


Be insured: Whether it's third party, fire or theft or a full comprehensive policy, insurance can help cover your vehicle should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident during your travels.


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