Time to Upgrade Your Car? Here's What You Need to Know

new car

Much like graduating from university, getting your driver’s licence, or working towards starting a family, purchasing a car is a rite of passage. From family road trips spent in the 6 seater sedan to the second-hand car with the paint chips, each car has a history. You’ll most likely have your car for many years, but when the right time comes, you may need to upgrade your vehicle to adapt to your changing needs.

With this in mind, we’ve covered a whole host of details you’ll need to consider before getting behind the wheel of that new hatchback or four wheeler. Here’s what you need to know before upgrading your car.

What’s your budget?

First thing’s first: your budget. You’ll need to determine where you stand financially in order to gauge your options. A good place to start is to assess your current financial situation as well as project where you may be within the next few years. Perhaps taking a loan out from the bank is a viable option for you if your job is relatively secure. 

You may have already amassed a considerable amount of savings and thus your spending power is greater. Determine how much you’re willing to spend on your upgrade (keeping your other expenses in mind) before setting out to make a purchase. This will help keep you focused while perusing and hinder any temptation to deviate from your initial amount. 

What brand of car aligns with your values?

The next thing you’ll need to consider when upgrading your car is the brand and whether they align with your values. Perhaps you’ve reached a time in your life where you’d like to purchase a quality high-end car that’s fun to drive. You may even be an advocate for the environment and find that the perfect upgrade may be an electrical car or a hybrid. 

No matter where you’re at, be sure to research the brand and vehicles you’re considering and make a choice based on the values that sit best with you.

What’s your lifestyle like?

Be sure to think about your lifestyle prior to setting your heart on a particular car. Here are some considerations to keep in mind.

4x4s and the Great Outdoors

When upgrading your car, consider what specs it will need to comply with in order to suit your lifestyle. If you’re planning on starting a family and are keen to travel on more frequent road trips as a result, you may want to consider a car that offers 4-wheel drive capacity and a high safety rating. Larger cars of this variety usually offer plenty of safety features on and off road, keeping your family safe and sound.

You can go further with details based on whether you’ll often spend time on road or off road. Thankfully, four-wheelers offer both with ease. 

City Living

If you live in the city centre and are merely using the car for light travel to areas when the need arises, you may be better off with a small hatchback that makes parking easy and offers great value for fuel mileage. 

Hatchbacks are increasingly becoming the automobile of choice for those living in metropolitan areas. Not only are young couples beginning to invest in them, but families are similarly recognising their great value due to their excellent safety ratings and optimised space. You may get a lot more in a smaller package. 

Vans and Heavy Haulers:

Another great option for your upgrade may include vans, utes or larger vehicles like a Caravan. Whether you’re running your own business as a tradie or often find yourself needing to move heavy equipment to and from job sites, a van or a ute may be the perfect upgrade for you. Not only are these vehicles sturdy and durable but they also offer plenty of freedom for customisation based on your needs and personal tastes.

A caravan also offers the benefits of both transport and a temporary living space. Should you be keen to begin your next adventure and take a road trip,you’ll have everything you need on wheels to save you packing.

A final consideration about upgrading your car

If you’re not terribly fussed and are simply after a reliable car that’ll take you from A to B, you may just like to research the top selling cars in Australia as well the best selling cars of all popular brands.Looking at recommendations and feedback from other experienced drivers might help make the selection process easier.

No matter what your final decision is, the best way to find the perfect car to suit your needs is by undertaking plenty of research prior to your purchase. 

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