How to Stage Your Property for an Inspection

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If you’re a landlord with a vacant rental property, you might be thinking about the different ways you can entice prospective renters into choosing your property. Without sacrificing your principles, such as negotiating rent, there are other ways that you can make your rental property stand out – and catch the tenants of your dreams.

As a landlord, you know that a property that’s vacant for even a few months can dip into your savings. It’s important to ensure your space for rent is looking the best it can. In addition to cleaning the carpets, wiping down surfaces and performing general maintenance around the home, you might want to consider staging to really pull out all the stops.

While staging is more commonly associated with selling a home to yield the highest possible price, we can’t see a problem with presenting your rental property in the best possible light, either.

Here, we explain all the benefits of staging your rental, as well as provide some practical home staging tips.

Why should you stage your property?

Competition is high in the rental real estate market. Taking the time to organise, tidy, declutter and decorate your property can really make a positive first impression. In fact, effective staging is said to potentially add 5-10 per cent to the selling price of a home, so just imagine what it could do for your rental property. The more desirable your property is, the more attention it will receive. Not only that, but projecting the right image could even limit the amount of time your property stays vacant.

It’s all about highlighting your rental property’s positive aspects and downplaying its shortcomings. A few simple changes can drastically improve your space and motivate tenants to apply.

Home staging tips and tricks

Display a real lifestyle

Is less really more, or should you go all out? This is the most common question that is asked prior to beginning the staging process as it can be a challenge to choose between the two options. On one hand, a property that looks too homely may stop potential renters from envisioning themselves living in the space. On the other, a minimalist home with barely any furniture may seem boring and mediocre.

A general rule is to keep your property personable – but approachable. Keep things clean and ordered, but don’t be afraid to add a touch of personality, such as souvenirs or paintings. The idea is to display a lifestyle that will make potential tenants not even realise they’re in a staged space.

Consider kerb appeal

It goes without saying that the first impression your potential tenants will have is influenced by your home’s exterior. This includes the garden and pathway leading to the front door. Enhancing your properties street view is known as kerb appeal. Here are just a few simple ways that you can give your property kerb appeal:

  • Hide your bins from sight
  • Clear away stubborn weeds
  • Use a high-pressure hose to wash away dirt and stains on the pathways
  • Mow the nature strip
  • Update your letterbox
  • Add a stylish doormat at the entrance

Invite light and air

A property that has a lingering odour will have potential tenants turning for the door sooner than you think. While you may be tempted to light a soy candle, these strong scents aren’t to everyone’s palate. If weather permits, open a window so there’s a nice, steady flow of fresh air and draw back the curtains or blinds to let natural light inside.

Rearrange the furniture

You want to provide as much open, walkable space as possible, so your potential tenants can navigate your property easily. While your first instinct may be to push everything back up against the walls, this can actually be detrimental. Instead, ensure there is aisle space around your sofas, tables and other large pieces of furniture. This can also help to open up the room.

Add a personal touch

A little bit of personality goes a long way – especially when you want potential tenants to feel an emotional connection with your space. Consider placing fresh and open flowers in vases, strategically placed on the hallway table or kitchen bench. Alternatively, you could set a bowl of wrapped sweets so that visitors can instinctively reach out for one on their way in or out. These little things can help prospective tenants feel at home in your property.

Consider hiring an expert

While not everyone has the budget to get a professional to style the property, it could be a worthwhile investment for those not especially confident in their own staging ability. A professional property stylist can work with you to minimise the time and effort required to make your property presentable.

Be prepared with Landlord Insurance

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