How to choose the right mechanic

how to choose the right mechanic

Mechanics are the doctors of the car world. So it’s natural you would want to work with one you can trust. A good mechanic will ensure your car is well maintained, safe, runs at its best and may even save you money by extending its lifespan. Read on for what qualities to look for in a mechanic.

Qualities to look for in a mechanic


When it comes to automotive repairs, honesty is of the upmost importance. There’s plenty to appreciate in someone who tells you directly what the state of your car is, explains what work needs to be done, what your choices are, and charges you a fair price.

Technical expertise

True expertise involves having the right skills and capabilities to quickly diagnose and effectively fix any issues your car may have. This type of mechanic knows exactly what they’re doing and keeps up to date with any advances or new technologies available in the industry.

Customer-service focused

Having strong technical expertise is a big draw card but pair it with excellent customer service and you’re bound to have one very in-demand mechanic! They work hard to ensure that their customers are happy with the service and support they receive.


From knowing that your car won’t break down the day after you pick it up, to it being ready on the day they said it would be, a reliable mechanic is one who consistently delivers on what they promise.

Strong communication skills

Mechanics who are strong communicators lose the jargon when they explain what work they’ve done to your car, call you with updates, and generally know the power of clear and regular communication.


How to find a great mechanic

With a little research and asking around, you’re likely to find a trusted mechanic who has many of the outlined qualities above. Some avenues to explore include:

Referrals: From asking people directly to putting a call out on social media, one of the easiest ways to find a good mechanic is to ask your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours for referrals. They’ll be able to tell you firsthand of their experiences.

Check online reviews: Whether it’s a local mechanic or a referral you’d like to know more about, undertaking research online can provide an insight into the service you may receive. For example, Google Business listings and Facebook pages often include reviews and ratings from customers, as do sites like True Local.

Shop around: Try visiting or calling a few mechanics to get a sense of who they are and how they work. You may even choose to ask for quotes as an indicator of how they approach pricing and where each sits in comparison to the others.

When it comes down to choosing a mechanic, it pays to trust your instinct and go with one you believe is professional and trustworthy.


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