6 children’s books your family can enjoy during the Easter season

books for your family during Easter

Easter is a special occasion on the Catholic calendar and an exciting time for children. From the story of Jesus’s resurrection to his lessons of forgiveness and kindness, there are so many positive examples to help young minds better understand the religious meaning behind Easter.

Easter is also a time for family and shared experiences, so here are six suggested readings to enjoy together over the special season.

The Giving Tree – Shel Silverstein

Beautifully illustrated and simply told, this classic tale by author Shel Silverstein has a fantastic message for young children. Despite being written in 1964, The Giving Tree is a timeless read that many adults likely enjoyed during their own childhood. It tells the sweet story of a tree and the boy it loved which helps children better understand the central themes of: the power of love, selflessness and sacrifice. A very relevant book for the Easter season.

The Promised One: The Wonderful Story Of Easter – Antonia Woodward

Lovingly written and illustrated by UK-based Antonia Woodward, The Promised One: The Wonderful Story Of Easter focuses on the truth that God always has a plan. It’s an ideal book to introduce young children – particularly those aged three to six – to the religious story and meaning of Easter. Best of all, it’s well suited to reading aloud with your little ones and together as a family. 

How To Heal A Broken Wing – Bob Graham

How To Heal A Broken Wing is an adorable children’s picture book that celebrates kindness and imparts the importance of respecting and valuing every living thing. Written and illustrated by Bob Graham, it tells the story of a young boy named Will who finds an injured bird while on a trip in the city. He takes it home and, together with his parents, nurses it back to health. Suitable for children aged three to seven, How To Heal A Broken Wing has received both the Charlotte Zolotow and Cybils awards.

God Gave Us Easter – Lisa Tawn Bergren

A delightful children’s picture book by Lisa Tawn Bergren, God Gave Us Easter is part of the popular God Gave Us series, exploring the topics of love and the world through a Christian lens. With gorgeous illustrations by Laura J Bryant, this story is a great one for children aged three to six. With the religious meaning behind Easter as its backbone, the story is told by Papa polar bear to his daughter Little Cub as they walk through their Arctic world. A story that’s sure to educate and delight young readers.

The Selfish Giant – Oscar Wilde

This well-known classic tale by renowned writer Oscar Wilde is one with enduring appeal for the whole family. When a selfish giant returns home after years away, he rudely kicks out the children who had played in his garden during his absence. The passing of time and the darkening of his once-lush garden see the giant have a change of heart. The power of forgiveness is a central theme of this timeless story. It’s available in various illustrated versions, including one by Alexis Deacon (Penguin Books Australia) and another by Ritva Voutila (Allen & Unwin).

He Is Risen: Rocks Tell The Story of Easter – Patti Rokus

Released in March this year, He Is Risen: Rocks Tell The Story of Easter is a unique hardcover children’s picture book that takes a special approach to storytelling. Each scene has been carefully constructed with rock art and focuses on an important element of the Easter story. Using scripture and simple language to explain the death and resurrection of Jesus, it’s a book that will captivate children aged six and older.


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