5 apps that will inspire mindfulness and spirituality

From phone calls and text messages to emails, social media and photos, today, many of us use our smartphones to monitor and manage various elements of our lives. However, we can also choose to use them as tools to inform our faith, encourage mindfulness and nurture our spirituality. Here are five apps that are noteworthy sources to enable reflection.


Laudate is perfect for Catholics wanting to bring faith into their daily lives in a new way. This popular free app has a comprehensive offering, including daily readings, saint of the day and meditations, the rosary, the stations of the cross, prayers, confession and catechism, among others. It’s also available in a range of languages and has a complementary podcast.

Available on Apple iTunes and Google Play.


The Smiling Mind app

The Smiling Mind app has been developed by educators and psychologists and is designed to help bring balance to people’s lives. This free app offers a range of mindfulness meditation programs for children, teens and adults and is an ideal choice for anyone wanting to reduce and better manage the stress of everyday life.

Available on Apple iTunes and Google Play.


The Vatican News app

The Vatican News app is the authority on all things Pope Francis and the Vatican. Produced by the Vatican’s very own media team, it’s the official app for reliable information from the Vatican City. This is an app that will inspire and uplift you by keeping you well informed on Catholic news and changes the Church is bringing to its followers around the world.

Available on Apple iTunes and Google Play.


Stop, Breathe & Think

A mindfulness and meditation app that – as its name suggests – encourages users to Stop, Breathe & Think. The app, which is designed for daily use, starts by asking users how they’re feeling and then suggests short, guided meditations and activities based on their response. Stop, Breathe & Think aims to help reduce stress, encourage mindfulness and improve wellbeing. It also includes a personal tracker so users can track and review their moods and total time meditated.

Available on Apple iTunes and Google Play.

Grateful: A Gratitude Journal 

It’s a simple premise but a very effective one. Every day, stop for a few moments and reflect on what you have to be grateful for, whether it’s simple or profound. Doing this on an ongoing basis can help you appreciate your life and develop a stronger sense of gratitude. The Grateful: A Gratitude Journal app enables users to do this by asking them to answer questions that prompt reflection or create their own diary-style entries, along with the ability to add photos.

Available on Apple iTunes.

Technology can be used for so much more than work or communication. Explore how you can actively use your device to become more mindful and reflective today


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