How to Support the Youth Community

The next generation is set to change the world, but as a community we still have a long way to go. From education to community involvement – such as making positive connections at school, in social groups, through recreational activities and churches – we can encourage great things. Most importantly, we can teach young people to achieve their full potential.

The role of youth in our society

According to the 2016 Census undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were nearly 4.5 million young people in Australia, representing almost 19% of the total Australian population. The role of youth should not be underestimated. They are, after all, responsible for maintaining our culture and the good values we uphold in society. They will also be our future thought leaders, engaging in education and politics, and will continue to be at the forefront of current technology and innovation. In many ways, the future of our country lies in their hands.

That’s why it’s so important that the whole community becomes available to nurture, educate, guide and advise our younger generations. Doing so helps to meet their basic needs of emotional and physical safety, and builds trust and respect. Additionally, when youths engage with the wider community they learn to have a voice and have a say in decision-making, get involved in leadership, and have a sense of belonging. Most importantly, they learn that they can impact their community in positive ways.

Who is responsible for helping youth develop?

It is everyone’s responsibility to help youth development. Throughout their lives, young adults will be exposed to schools, faith communities, businesses and civic organisations.

Here are just a few ways that each of these sectors can have an influence on the lives of young people:

  • Schools: The educational system helps youths develop cognitive, physical, social and civic skills
  • Faith communities: Places of worship help our youth to develop morally
  • Local businesses: Restaurants, cafes and other places of employment help our youth to develop job skills

By supporting our youth community, we can help them develop and grow into well-adjusted and responsible adults who can resolve conflict peacefully and use necessary skills to solve problems effectively.

Ways you can help support the youth community

When adolescents know about the support systems available to them in the community, they can be better equipped to care for their mental health and physical wellbeing. With the right support, encouragement and education, the chances of recurring mental health issues and engagement in crime can be significantly reduced.

There are many ways that you can support our youth community, with a number of youth service organisations actively seeking volunteers:

How CCI Personal Insurance supports our youth community

Here are just a few initiatives across Australia that CCI proudly supports and is actively involved in:

World Youth Day: World Youth Day (WYD) is a week-long event for young people, organised by the Catholic Church. Initiated by Pope John Paul II in 1985, it has been held every three years since 2002. The purpose of WYD is to encourage young Catholics to deepen their faith with thousands of other young people who share the same interests and ambitions. The next World Youth Day is scheduled to be held in July 2022 in Portugal.

NET Ministries Australia: Travelling all over Australia, Net Ministries visits schools and parishes to run retreat days. The schools visited choose the themes, which can range from social justice to leadership, self-image or just encountering Jesus. In 2018, NET Ministries explored how young people can transform and impact the world through their lives. Through our sponsorship, NET Ministries were able to purchase a van for the national team.

Shared Stories: Shared Stories is an annual anthology of themed writing and artwork by primary and secondary students from Catholic schools across Victoria. Its humble beginnings in 2006 saw five schools participate in the anthology. Fast forward to 2018, and the number has grown to 25 schools joining. Each year hosts a different theme, with RESPECT being the key theme for the 2020 Shared Stories anthology. The anthology forms part of the permanent collection of the State Library of Victoria.

Ignite Conference: Ignite Conference is a national Catholic youth conference for students, kids, adults, teachers and the ministry. The concept revolves around experiencing dynamic faith and what it means to live a Christian life. Youths are encouraged to impact the world through faith. In 2018, Ignite Conference was held in Sydney and Brisbane for the first time ever.


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