How to keep your home safe during the holidays?

Holidays are an important time meant to be spent with family and friends, planning get togethers and spending quality time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But there’s one set of stress factors people often forget about until they’re an hour down the highway and then all of a sudden niggling doubt hits. Did we lock the door? Is the oven turned off? What am I forgetting? That’s why it’s important before you head off to consider how to keep your home safe during the holidays.

If you're planning a family trip for a weekend or a few days over December and January, here are some tips for the festive season to ensure your house is secure while you're away.

Keep up appearances

Nothing says ‘we’re not home for a few days’ like a mailbox stuffed full of letters and a lawn that’s not mowed. It’s important to keep up appearances while you’re away to make sure that you don’t become a target for burglary and theft.

Key points for ensuring your home is safe during the holidays include:

  • Close your shutters and blinds. It’s obvious when the lights aren’t on for a few days and people will be able to see valuables and contents you may have left within view.
  • Speaking of valuables, don’t forget to put them away somewhere safe. That doesn’t mean however you should place them in obvious hiding places like your sock drawer. Make sure to put them in various different spots so that even if one item is found not everything else will be discovered too.
  • Mow the lawn before you go so it doesn’t look as if you haven’t been back to your house in a while.
  • Pause any regular food, milk or other deliveries.
  • If you can, ask a neighbour or a friend to pick up your mail so it doesn’t pile up. Alternatively, you can also arrange for mail redirection with Australia Post.
  • Make sure to remove any spare keys you might have placed somewhere outside.
  • Think about installing a light switch timer that can turn on in the evenings to make it seem like you’re at home.
  • Ensure all access points, like the garage door or windows, have been sealed. Don’t forget to double-check your kid’s rooms just in case they’ve forgotten.
  • Turn off your oven and any appliance switches you’re worried about at the wall. If you’re organised, you can also empty your fridge and switch off your power if you prefer.

Consider a camera

While it may seem like an over precaution, installing home security cameras can act as a crucial investment in keeping your home safe. Often, simply having obvious cameras installed around the exterior of your home can act as a strong deterrent to possible burglars looking for houses to target.

Should you experience a home break-in, having security cameras installed can provide additional peace of mind in addition to also having home and contents insurance. Knowing that you have them too allows you to feel confident that even if the worst occurs you’ll be able to report the crime with evidence and you have the ability to lodge a claim on your insurance policy.

Ensure your home and contents policy is up to date

When push comes to shove, the best way to protect your home is to insure your house and all the things inside it. Finding the right home and contents insurance policy won’t just offer you a stress-free experience while you’re on holidays, it’ll give you peace of mind all year round. Whether you’re after building insurance, contents insurance or both, insuring your home can help keep you protected if things go south.

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