Helpful Tips on How to Avoid Vehicle Break-Ins

For many, an inevitable experience attached to being a car owner is the potential for having your car broken into. Not only can it be a stressful experience but it’s also an inconvenience that can leave you out of pocket in more ways than one. Having your car insured can make all the difference after a break-in.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. In order to truly protect your assets, it’s important that you take some proactive steps to ensure you don’t become the next victim of car burglary.

Tips on how to avoid break-ins

While it could be something obvious - such as a professional thief admiring your nice stereo system and taking it for themselves - often it’s just boredom or opportunity that presents itself. While you can never predict when or if your car will be broken into, you can always prepare for it by undertaking the following precautions to lower your chances of a break-in.

  • Lock your doors. While this may seem obvious, it’s important to get into a habit of locking your car after you have parked it to ensure that your items are safe.
  • Attempt to keep your car parked in an open place that is visible to the public rather than a back street with little pedestrian traffic. With more people passing by, potential thieves and opportunists will be less likely to perpetrate damage in plain sight. At night, try to park in well-lit areas, preferably under a street light.
  • Do not keep personal items of value in the front or back seats of your car. Making items of value visible to potential thieves is a sure-fire way of attracting negative attention. Take items of value with you or, if storage is necessary, be sure to keep items such as laptops or handbags away from curious eyes.
  • Do not leave small change in the ashtray or cup holder area of your car. Even small amounts of money can tempt individuals to break-in.
  • Tint your car windows - or block them. It goes without saying that if thieves can’t see what’s in your car, they won’t waste time or take the chance to see if there is something valuable hidden
  • Install a security system. You can buy a car alarm that sends a text to your smartphone to alert you of any unauthorised entry through the car’s doors or boot. Put your car alarm sticker on your car in a visible location to deter thieves.

After a break-in

Unfortunately, break-ins can and do happen, and it can really put a dampener on your day. Here’s what you should do if you discover that you’re the victim of a car burglary:

  • Assess and record all damage by documenting details of the break-in from the outside. Take pictures as well. You might need to walk around your car a few times to ensure there’s things you haven’t missed.
  • Notify the police and file a report, explaining the damage in detail. If anything has been stolen, you will need to report this as well.
  • File an insurance claim, communicating the police report number.
  • Look for any witnesses who may have seen it occur. If your car was parked on a main road or at the front of a shop with a CCTV camera, don’t be afraid to ask around.

Make sure you’re properly covered

While there are plenty of things you can do to ensure that your car is safe from prowling eyes, the best way to protect yourself and your items, is by insuring your car. Finding a suitable car insurance policy can make all the difference should anything go wrong, at CCI Personal Insurance we’re here to help you find the right policy that meets your needs when the rubber hits the road.

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