Youth Ministry - Palm Sunday Pilgrimage

The Palm Sunday Pilgrimage is held to celebrate World Youth Day in a non-international World Youth Day year. The pilgrimage also marks Palm Sunday and the coming together of the Tasmanian Catholic Church, in a positive, prominent and public way.

Over a thousand proud Catholics gathered from across Tasmania to celebrate Palm Sunday Pilgrimage on Palm Sunday 13th April, 2014. The fifth Palm Sunday Pilgrimage, coordinated by Catholic Youth Ministry, Tasmania, was an outstanding success marked by its high energy, witness to our faith, spirit, prayer and community.

Palm Sunday Pilgrimage had a youthful energy, celebrating World Youth Day 2014 as called by His Holiness, Pope Francis. The occasion also celebrated the beginning of Holy Week and an opportunity for the Archdiocese of Hobart to come together as one Church and to celebrate our diversity and all that we are as one body of Christ.

Across the day participants partook in an 8km pilgrimage walk, that included the iconic Tasman Bridge with much supportive honking and waving of cars passing by. Sam Clear, who walked 15,600km across the world for Christian Unity (and as such, is no stranger to pilgrimage) joined us to help us in making this pilgrimage. Pilgrims joined with families and less able walkers on the Hobart waterfront for a concert by James Edwards from Melbourne and some family fun and lunch, before coming together for the final leg of the pilgrimage, a police-escorted procession through the streets of Hobart with hundreds of 6 ft palms, singing Hosanna, to St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral where the day culminated in a beautiful and moving celebration of Palm Sunday Mass, celebrated by Archbishop Julian Porteous and a number of Tasmanian priests.

The day provided an opportunity to recognise how great our Church is and to celebrate it. Coming together in this way to celebrate the gift of young people and the gift of our wider Church, helps the faithful to feel a part of the wider Church and there was certainly a palpable sense of pride and hope for the future of the Church when we come together in this way. This was the perfect way to begin our Holy Week celebrations and mark World Youth Day 2014 and our vibrant Tasmanian Church, and the part it plays in our wider Australian and universal Church.

More information about the event can be found here.

CCI was a major sponsor of the Palm Sunday Pilgrimage.