Shared Stories 2014

Shared Stories is an annual anthology of creative works by primary and secondary students from Catholic schools across the Archdioceses of Melbourne, Sale and Sandhurst. The anthology forms part of the permanent collection of the State Library of Victoria.

The 2013 collection reflected the theme of ‘Express yourself’ and features over 500 pieces of work created by students in the classroom, giving an authentic view of the rich and diverse subject matter and activities that children in our Catholic schools are learning and doing. Inside you will find student contributions including photographs, watercolours, sketches, self-portraits, still-life studies, and images of nature and life.

The 2014 theme is ‘Nothing is impossible’, and is due to be published in December 2014.

More information about the Shared Stories anthology can be found here.

CCI is a major sponsor of the 2014 Shared Stories anthology.