Doubling donations for Caritas Australia’s Women for the World

Women for the World

Caritas Australia’s annual Women for the World event honours the strength of vulnerable women who are working to overcome the injustices of economic hardships, domestic violence, and other socio-economic challenges.

More than 5,000 women have joined forces across Australia over the last 5 years, helping raise over $500,000 for development programs at home and overseas which help change the lives of women who are not afforded the opportunities many in Australia enjoy. Generating awareness of the systemic discrimination of women internationally is an important goal for Caritas Australia’s Women for the World. Their fundraising efforts make a genuine difference to how marginalised women live and raise their children, bringing about much-needed positive change. This focus on supporting women drives their journey to become independent as they continue to find ways to build sustainability and certainty into their lives.

CCI Personal Insurance is a proud sponsor of the annual Women for the World campaign. CCI also supported various other Caritas Australia’s programs that help lift individuals and communities out of poverty, including initiatives that assist HIV/AIDS affected children and women in Cambodia, as well as survivors of domestic violence in Papua New Guinea.

Caritas Australia’s CEO, Kirsty Robertson, has said that “the ongoing support of CCI ensures we can continue to help vulnerable communities to become agents of their own change, leading to lasting and sustainable outcomes.”

This year, pandemic restrictions in Victoria prohibit the possibility of a physical event. Yet COVID-19 has made many women’s lives harder across the globe with domestic abuse rates skyrocketing, and women are unable to access the support they need.

Instead, Caritas Australia will launch a gift matching campaign. It’s a welcome move that will have a favourable outcome for Caritas Australia and for women and girls experiencing poverty and injustice. On September the 24th, for 24 hours only, thanks to CCI Personal Insurance and other sponsors your donations will be doubled up to the value of $100,000!

Your doubled donation will send much needed funds towards international programs that help vulnerable women access vital support services and skills training.

Will you double your impact today?

To support this powerful cause you can donate by visiting Caritas Australia’s campaign website.